Richmond Arena


Richmond’s arena is one of the oldest buildings in the region, if not the oldest. Built in 1940, it was the only arena in the region for many years.

The advent of the artificial ice surface in 1959 was another first for the Richmond Coliseum. The building played a key role in the development of the City of Richmond and its surrounding area.

In 1972, the Colisée was modernized with the arrival of a tractor to resurface the ice. The famous water barrels that had been used since the advent of ice in the building were abandoned.

Another major change in the history of the Richmond Coliseum took place in 1976.

The entrance hall, restaurant and players’ rooms were demolished and a new structure was built, offering the same facilities.

The last changes to the building were made in 1987. A second compressor was added to meet the demands of an increasingly long schedule.

In addition, the bleachers underwent a complete makeover, replacing the wooden, walking-style structure with individual spectator benches. Finally, the tractor is replaced by an ice resurfacer.

The most recent change was made in 1992, when the City of Richmond abandoned the name Colisée de Richmond and named the building “Le Centre Sportif P.E. Lefebvre” in honour of the man who managed the facility for over 23 years.